Fellow, ETH Zürich

Recently joined the Center for Adaptation to a Changing Environment (ACE) at ETH

email: jessica.stapley@env.ethz.ch

me_DNAGenetic variation is the substrate of natural selection. Understanding how this variation arises and is maintained in natural populations and how it contributes to adaptation has far reaching implications. Not only does it contribute to our understanding of evolutionary processes, this knowledge is key to preserving threatened species and ensuring food security and ecosystem function in the future. My research investigates how genetic and phenotypic variation arises and is maintained within natural populations.

In my early work I studied behaviorual and phenotypic trait variation in lizards. More recently I have adopted a genomic perspective to study variation in avian genomes  and the genetics of colourful traits in lizards and birds. My current research at ACE is focused on understanding the genomics of adaptation.