Augrabies flat lizards, Platysuarus broadleyi

Probably the most colourful lizard in the world, Platysuarus broadleyi. They were celebrities in David Attenborough’s Planet Earth Program, click here for truly amazing footage or see below for some of my videos.

Males are highly territorial and display to each other using a “ventral display” – this involves flashing their colourful undersides, or venters and puffing up their highly reflective UV throats. Want to know more about this see my UV signalling in flat lizards


I never get tired of watching these lizards.

Anolis videos

Below is a video of an orange male A. apletophallus displaying. This is the A-type display as described in Thomas Jenssen’s seminal work (American Zoologist 1977, 17:203, Behavior 1976, 57:227). A. apletophallus males have five different display types, one of the largest display repertoires seen across all Anoles.

The second video is of a white male performing a C-type display.

Anoles do the strangest things in captivity, here is a video of a female eating her recently laid infertile egg.


Ibex on top of the world

The video shows members of ACE walking through a group of Ibex during our retreat near Habkern in central Switzlerand.


Looking for flowers in the footprints of a Glacier, Zermatt, Switzerland.

The video is a time lapse of members of the Plant Ecological Genetics lab group looking for Apline plants during the lab excursion to Zermatt, Switzerland.